Monday 15 April 2013

Recycle - Crafty Boots Challenge

Recycled Crafty Boots Challenge - well it has a book page to start with but I have gone back to this piece of art, three times and finally settled I think!?

Version 1 or 2

 I got the idea from somewhere but did my usual and rushed not getting all my layers in order. The final canvas looks like this with modelling paste and gold acrylic paint round the edges. Now its finished perhaps I can give it to my sister.. the intended recipient before Christmas delayed but finished - I think?.

Final version


  1. Nice spot of recycling, Bev!! Hope your sister likes it too.

  2. Love this! I bet Claire is thrilled with it!

  3. Fabulous pieces and love how it ended up! I would be very happy to receive this so I'm sure your sister will be thrilled.

  4. I think it is looking so much better now, I am sure you must be pleased with the eventual finished project.

    Dionne x

  5. Really like this and this and I am sure our Claire will have it on display as soon as she gets it.


  6. Very cool card and terrific recycling idea!