Saturday 22 June 2013

It's a Creative World post - sneeky peak, easy project!

It's my turn at It's a Creative World (IACW) and I have created an easy sewing project, literally only 6 short rows of stitching.. pop over and have a look here.

Sunday 9 June 2013

Thank you!

 Sometimes a small or even a large "Thank you" card isn't enough so I have taken to making a Thank you book when everyone wants to do more than sign their name. I cover two pieces of grey board and make extra long pages that fold over that go inside. Some pages are plain or patterned card and some have inspiration sayings or pictures stamped and embossed on them. (No photos of the stamped ones sorry I forgot). I then join them together with the large book rings and decorate the front cover.

I recently made this for one of the Founder Governors and ex Chair of Governors of my Daughters school. Jean is an inspiration to many of us and has ploughed her heart and soul into the school since it opened 9 years ago. She decided to retire and move to the coast. We will all miss her dearly and wish her well.