Thursday, 24 January 2013


The children decided we should have a snowman.. and an igloo...
Personally I thought this was quite delicate and I love the slightly crooked smile.. Well done kids!

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

And she's 9!!

Well, we were woken this morning (5.36am!) by our pink one.. Lilli shouting it's my birthday! I can't quite believe she is 9.. I remember so vividly popping along to MK General at 9.30pm, Lilli arriving at 10.50pm  and I was out of there by 3am. It was quite surreal walking across the carpark with a newborn in the hlaf light with the birds singing like mad. She has been a wonder every since... except perhaps for the moments like this morning when she looks around the sea of wrapping paper and cards and says whistfully "Mum, I don't have a 9 badge to wear". Q super mum, out came the felt and buttons and despite the fact I ended up not having any breakfast we knocked up a 9 badge. Her smile was reward enough! Happy Birthday Lilli!