Friday 2 December 2011

The hold-up!

I haven't been great lately for blogging  - this was the hold-up. I sent this to my sister and then it got stuck at the post office with not enough postage!! Opps, sorry Claire. My daughter went in and bought her first stamp.. unfortunately the wrong amount and it got posted.

It was a thank you for having the children for a few days.. they had big fun including zorbing! The flower is cut from a diet coke can, clear packaging and glittered modege podge fabric. I then alchol inked the aliminum bit. The key is also diet coke can coloured with raisin alochol ink. I used patterned pper for speed and pleased with the results. The stamp verse is from "clocks" 2 (I think) Paper Artsy. My sister and I are very close but we have 12 years age difference and I am so proud to be able to see the wonderful woman she has become.

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